Re-extracting proteins from pellet

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Feb 23, 2017


I am extracting proteins from rat hippocampus and using it for Western Blot (WB). I'm using RIPA buffer to extract the proteins, however, I'm out of my protein sample now. I saved the pellet, from my 1st extraction. Can I use the pellet again to re-extract proteins using the same method as I did before, i.e. adding RIPA and Halt-protease inhibitor?


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mdfenko 10 months ago

if your first extraction was good then a second extraction will probably not give a good enough yield.

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Newbie 17425 10 months ago

But in principle it is possible, assuming yields from my proteins from the 1st extraction was not so good.

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mdfenko 10 months ago

if there are any intact cells in the tissue then you may be able to extract again. however, if cellular disruption was efficient, then you will not be able to extract efficiently.