Bioinformatics Contest 2019 on Stepik

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Jan 31, 2019

Hello all,
the people at St. Petersburg's Bioinformatics Institute are organizing their annual Bioinformatics Contest. It's an enjoyable competition (with prizes) which takes part in two rounds:

 - during the qualification round, contestants will have one week (Feb 2 to Feb 10) to reach at least 601 points by solving (mostly bio)-informatics problems. Reaching 601 points is all it takes to pass to the next round, so you don't need to actually allot one full week of your time for it;

- the final round will take place in 24 hours starting on February 23 (time zones might apply). That's where you want to get as many points as possible. Partial standings are always available for consultation during the contest.

It's a fun contest, I had a blast participating last year. Check it out if you like the idea.


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Roberto Rosati 5 months ago

Edited to update the minimum points needed to reach the finals: it's 601 points this year.