Specific microelectrode chip for cell culture project

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Jan 29, 2018

I am doing a cell cultivating project (in vitro) which requires microelectrode to generate
electricity to the cell. The application is a square PDMS with 4 chambers.
Each chamber is located on each corner of the PDMS and these 4 chambers are
interconnected with micro channel. The micro channel is located in the middle
of the PDMS. My plan is to find a commercial available microelectrode chip that has a gap length between 600-1000 micrometer (Yellow boxes in the picture) so that the micro-channel
will fall in between the electrodes when placing the PDMS on top of the chip. The major problem is that the biggest electrode gap I found in the market is only 100 micrometer wide.
I am trying to avoid customize option as much as possible. Do you have any suggestion?

PS. I found a product called FlexMEA36 which looks like a single electrode wire. Is it possible to attach this wire to a glass and make it a microelectrode chip.

Thank you for your help!

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