PBMC Isolation

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Jan 06, 2015

Hey guys,

I was hoping someone might have an opinion on the possibility of isolating PBMC's from whole blood that is frozen?

I don't yet know much about how the blood was frozen, how long, under what conditions, etc. It would be shipped to us from an outside collaborator.

But, assuming there is a method, and the blood was collected and frozen following that method, can it be done with reasonable success??

Thanks so much!


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patriciathomas 10 months ago

PBMC stands for Peripheral Blood Monocytes cells. You must isolate the cells from the blood and freeze them in freezing media generally DMSO. It generally works by dehydrating cells and secondly by minimizing the size of ice crystals that form. Whole blood samples should be as fresh as possible. The most common method used to extract PBMCs is generically known as density gradient centrifugation. It can be used for blood specimens as well as blood already stored in blood banks. This method separates specific cells for analysis. The Ficoll media is used to more readily separate blood components. Combined with short, low speed centrifugation, it is a procedure that is easy to master.