Accessing recent citations of my articles on Mendeley

I cannot find out who recently cited one of my articles, nor which of my articles they cited. Any advice?

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Dec 04, 2018

I receive monthly updates of my Mendeley stats, which show how many times my articles have been read and or cited this month. When I log into the stats page, I might find that I have one citation this month.  But I cannot figure out which of my articles has been cited. I click on the dot representing my new citation on the graphical chart, and the cursor changes to a pointing hand, indicating a link.  But it doesn't go anywhere. It seems to me that in the past that would take me to the article that had been cited and tell me who cited it. But I cannot find this information in Mendeley now, nor can I find any useful information in the Mendeley help documentation. Does anybody know the trick to this, or is the site malfunctioning? Help appreciated!

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