Merge two miRNA studies together.

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Feb 12, 2018


Does anyone have experience taking two separate cohorts and merging them into a larger cohort?

I've been told the best way to do this is to take the first cohort, and get the average RQ of the control group (AvgRQ) and then divide each of the cohort RQ values, both cases and controls (Case1,Case2, Control1, Control1, etc.) by the AvgRQ, creating a new RQ value (NewRQ) for first cohort.
i.e. Case1/AvgRQ=NewRQ for Case 1.

I then repeat the above step for the second cohort, by calculating the average RQ of the control group for second cohort, etc.

These two groups RQ values can then be merged together and compared. Can anyone please confirm if this is right or wrong?

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Marc O'Sullivan

PhD, University College Cork

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