Clay or Asbestos Wire Gauze

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Apr 07, 2017

I am a former molecular geneticist trained in America who has just started a new job at a high school that serves disadvantaged students in Cambodia. Prior to my arrival, school managers with no science experience nor training purchased lab equipment from a variety of local suppliers, many who I would consider untrustworthy. I'm currently looking for advice on the wire gauze squares that sit on top of Bunsen burner tripods. The variety of gauze I'm accustomed to using was always either plain or had a glazed ceramic coating over the wire. The gauze that was purchased for this school has a powdery, white substance molded/pressed into the gauze. My understanding is that this could be diatomaceous earth clay or asbestos. If I can't trust the supplier, is there any cheap and simple way for me to discern if it is clay or if it is asbestos?
Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!


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mdfenko 9 months ago

it's been a long time since they stopped manufacturing the wire gauze with asbestos. now they use ceramic fibers.

i guess, if you have serious doubts, and the fiber is flaking, you could look at the fibers under a microscope and see if they look like asbestos crystals.