Is a Kozak sequence necessary in Sindbis replicon vector?

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Jul 24, 2017

I amplified a viral gene by PCR and cloned it into a Sindbis virus replicon plasmid vector.The vector has a human cytomegalovirus (hCMV) immediate-early promoter/enhancer element. The total plasmid side is 16kb. There is no kozak sequence before the viral gene start codon. I have been electroporating in HEK and BHK cells but the level of protein expresson is very low, around 5%. Could it be that the low level of protein expression is because of the absence of the kozak sequence? Do i need to incoporate it inorder to improve protein expression levels or what else can i do improve protein expression?


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relaxin 8 months ago

Yes, a Kozak sequence is needed for efficient translation of viral RNA in eukaryotic cells. However, your low expression level may also be due to low efficiency of electroporation.

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tirptz 8 months ago

I cannot rule out low transfection efficiency though i have tried a number of electroporation parameters including those recommended by the kit's manufacturer. The positive control (GFP) is being expressed well, about 90% efficiency. It is in a smaller plasmid, 7kb.

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Roberto Rosati 8 months ago

If you're using pSinRep5, page 14 of the manual states "It is recommended to include a Kozak consensus sequence in your insert for proper initiation of translation of your gene (Kozak, 1990) and a stop codon for termination of the recombinant protein".

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tirptz 8 months ago

I am using a plasmid assembled in the lab. Its not pSinRep5 but i guess the same principle applies. I will include a kozak sequence and compare protein expression levels. Thank you