PowerSoil DNA Kit expiration?

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Sep 25, 2017

Hey all,

Just a quick question/concern. A few months ago, I started at a new research lab and some of the equipment was already there. Now, to my surprise, the PowerSoil kit that I was set to use was left past its expiration date (8/2017).
My Prof said it'd be fine to use and that's usually an advised indicator of possible contamination.
Thing is, it's been on the shelf for that long and I personally never used it. No way for me to tell if it's still in decent state.
I'll just test it out for now on some test samples but I'm worried that I might not know until I get to the sequencing or qPCR whether the kit has long lost its use.

Any tips? Or should I just order a new one?



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Roberto Rosati 11 months ago

Congratulations for starting at the new lab!
You mean 8/2017 as in, one month past expiration date? That's still in its early infancy of being expired but still usable! You must be accustomed to diagnostic labs... or rich labs ;)
You're perfectly right and testing for performance is the way to go; and if the kit performs as expected, you don't need to worry for at least 6 months past expiration date.

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svni 11 months ago

Nah only my BSc was spent mostly in the diagnostic lab. Since then I've been hanging around in Plant/Crop genetics research and microbial ecology. I have just never really been in a situation where an extraction kit is left unused. Often times they were shared between research groups sharing the molecular labs.
I'll check if it's still good. I have tons of samples to go through so I already ordered a new kit and just compared the old with the new.